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Anaglyphic is a Business Intelligence platform founded on the belief that insights are useless if you’re not able to act on them. We are taking data visualization to the next level, by connecting your data to your bottom line goals, and making it actionable.

Hitting your targets has never been this easy!

Whether you’re a retailer selling goods, an entertainment venue selling tickets, a hotel trying to fill rooms, or a parking facility aiming for the best occupation rate; mastering the complex game of inventory management is an essential element in improving your bottom line results and growing your business.

Anaglyphic has developed a robust and lightning fast decision support system, based on the leading optimization practices from various industries. The integrated actionable intelligence features enable you to easily translate your business needs into concrete action, ranging from pricing adjustments, to marketing automation, and customer segmentation.


There is no industry where inventory is as important as in Retail. It often absorbs over 70% of current assets on the balance sheet, and ending up with leftover stock has a significant negative impact on overall profitability.

Our Retail solution helps you make better buying decisions, identify underperforming stock early, optimize online advertising spend, and match supply and demand with advanced customer targeting.


Entertainment venues, whether it’s a Stadium, a Theatre, or a Concert Hall, usually have a fixed capacity, host a wide range of events, and see large fluctuations in event popularity.

Our Ticketing solution helps you find the optimal price for a specific event, track ticket sales in every detail, and enable you to automatically direct online advertising to events which are not expected to sell out.


Hotels are dealing with strong demand variations as a result of seasonality, weekday patterns, and the influence of competitor pricing, while the number of rooms does not change.

Our hotel solution helps you set the right price and conditions, optimizing your occupancy rate and overall profitability.


The world of Parking is changing rapidly, from the traditional dependency on cars just showing up, and using static pricing, to advance reservation possibilities and the use of dynamic pricing.

Our Parking solution helps you recognize patterns, and predict future traffic volumes, in order to set the right prices and optimize bottom line results.

Anaglyphic integrates with virtually every data source. We connect with on-premises data sources, as well as third party data providers, streaming data, CRM systems, and advertising platforms. We do so in a fast, secure, and reliable way.


  • MySQL

  • Excel / Csv

  • Big Query

  • Salesforce (& MC)

  • Oracle

  • Facebook

  • Campaign Monitor

  • MongoDB

  • Your 3rd party

And many more..

Our Process

  •   Groom Product Backlog

    Define user-stories based on requirements from client.

  •   Create sprint backlog

    Grab top stories from product backlog, and define scope of the sprint in the Sprint Backlog.

  •   Actual Sprint ( 2/3 weeks )

    Work on delivering the user-stories from sprint-backlog.
    Monitor the progress daily in the daily-scrum, and deliver working code at the end of the sprint.

  •   Demo

    Demonstrate the result of the sprint to all stakeholders.

  •   Retrospective

    Evaluate last sprint with the scrum-team.

Agile development

More often than not, integrating into an existing architecture of a new client requires work on both sides. We've found that traditional project-planning doesn't suit these very technical activities since it's often hard to define and/or predict all the needed work because of its uncertain nature. Therefore we will always favor an Agile way of working. Instead of working for our clients, we'd like to work with our clients.

In our experience integrations are finished faster and smoother when we work together -on location- in sprints (as part of Scrum), where the goals are pre-defined in user-stories, but not the means how. By having the required skills available in the scrum team we have been able to over- deliver without exception.

If your organisation is not (yet) familiar with Scrum, we are also able help out in facilitating this during the integration. We have experienced scrum masters and product owners that can temporary fill the void and / or train your staff.

About Anaglyphic

We are a group of revenue management professionals, technologists, and marketeers, with a passion for optimization, and helping our customers improving their bottom line performance. We make your data tangible and actionable.

We have decades of experience in Revenue Management, Digital Marketing, and Finance, in multiple industries.